Driven By Passion

Our dishes are made with love and understanding of a healthy life


ILS Meals is dedicated to providing healthy, delicious and nutritious meals that heal and empower

ILS Meals is the national leader in home delivered meals and nutrition services, serving high-quality medically tailored therapeutic meals to healthcare patients, seniors, and children. We believe in the vital role of nutrition to improve the health and quality of life. ILS Meals menus are designed by our team of registered dietitians to foster independence, aid in recovery or reduce the symptoms of a chronic illness.

ILS Meals has over 18 years’ experience serving the Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, pediatric, and special needs populations throughout the United States and its territories. Our meals are designed with care to improve health outcomes, lower readmission rates to acute care settings, improve nutritional health status, address social determinants of health, and foster independence.

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