The ILS Difference

ILS Meals brings over 18 years' experience delivering delicious, nutritionally balanced, medically tailored meals to individuals nationwide. With the largest selection of menus we can meet the unique dietary needs of our clients and their diverse membership.

ILS Meals arrive frozen "Nature's Pause Button" so everything stays just the way we made it!

Simple directions tell you the final step, which is usually just a few minutes in your oven. Heat, Eat, and Enjoy!

Best Features

ILS Meals is dedicated to providing healthy, delicious and nutritious meals that heal and empower. 


ILS Meals are frozen and require only a few minutes in the microwave. Unlike refrigerated meals which are sprayed with chemical preservatives, ILS meals are flash frozen so your meals stay just the way we made them!


ILS Meals can be delivered to any address nationwide. Your order is processed within 24 hours to ensure you receive your meals quickly.

Delicious, medically tailored meals conveniently delivered to your door!


ILS Meals' Registered Dietitian provide the support you need to manage your condition and continue living independently.


A delicious array of medically tailored, cultural and religious menu options to meet our customers' unique needs.

Why Choose Frozen?

Learn more about ILS meals and place your order today!

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